LOGICON.  Engineering Logistics.

Modular Engineering and Team Coaching - pick what you need.

Many companies have their own logistics engineering team, which can handle day-to-day planning tasks and optimization projects. But in case of larger projects (e.g. engineering the logistics for a new Greenfield plant, plant restructuring, significant capacity extension of an existing plant etc.) this team might face its limits due to capacity constraints and/or knowledge constraints and/or lack of necessary engineering tools and methods. Here is how we can help in such cases:

Coaching of your team

  • We guide your team through the various engineering steps
  • We provide your team with the necessary engineering tools and methods and help to apply them
  • We review project results and check them for correctness and feasibility
  • If you prefer, we manage the engineering project for you.

Take-over of particular engineering tasks

 A typical logistics engineering project comprises a scope of particular tasks, such as

  • Preparation of the engineering data base
  • Working out the Material Flow Map
  • Planning of the warehouses, buffers, repacking areas, in-house transports and lineside presentation
  • Planning of the processes to be applied and the relevant IT requirements
  • Dynamic simulation of critical system areas

and many more, for which your team might lack the necessary capacity or knowledge. We can take over particular engineering tasks in part or in whole to complement the work of your own team.