LOGICON.  Engineering Logistics.

People behind.


Dr. Rolf Schmidt, 59 years, German national, located in Shanghai, China

Mechanical Engineer and Business Engineer, Experience level 30+ years

CEO of LOGICON Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., partner of LOGICON Trading GmbH, Ansbach, Germany

Key competences: Project management, data analysis, intra-logistics system engineering, campus planning, process engineering, PFEP, supply chain planning and optimization


Angela Ho (何黎), 40 years, Chinese national, located in Shanghai, China

Process Engineer, Experience level 10+ years

Project and office management

Key competences: Project management, project back office, administration and finance

Eric Li (李昭生), 43 years, Chinese national, located in Guangzhou, China

Mechanical Engineer, Experience level 15+ years

CEO of LeanFour System Technologies Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, developer of LeanWMS

Key competences: Intra-logistics system engineering, process engineering, LeanWMS, logistics IT and assist systems