LOGICON.  Engineering Logistics.

Intra-Logistics and Supply Chain. Concept, Engineering, Training and more.


  • We engineer your intra-logistics regarding everything which happens between receiving and shipping from a logistics point of view:
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Warehouses and buffers
    • In-house transports
    • Line feeding and line side presentation
    • Packaging standards and packing instructions
    • Equipment specification
    • Process definitions (receiving, warehousing and shipping, Kanban, SPS, CBO, JIS)
    • Organization and manpower
    • Training
    • Implementation support
  • We follow the EXCEDIO, PFEP and PFEF principles
  • We offer Full Service, Modular Engineering and Team Coaching - pick what you need

Industrial Campus Planning

  • We go with you through the essential steps of an Industrial Campus Planning, in whole or in part
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Plant structure (space requirements, building structures, building arrangements)
    • Campus structure (initial - how would the plant look like in an ideal world)
    • Location finding (geographical area, infrastructure, availability of real estate and HR)
    • Campus planning (based on the chosen site - buildings, roads, gates, vehicle and people flows)
  • On your request, we offer the subsequent facilities planning for logistics operations. More...

Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization

  • We analyze and optimize your distribution network using the proven DISMOD® software of Fraunhofer IML (Institute for Material Flow and Logistics), Germany
    • Data acquisition, model set-up and calibration
    • Set-up of future distribution scenarios
    • Development of optimized distribution network variants, considering number, position and function of future logistics sites, allocation of delivery points to distribution centers, stock levels, transport-, trans-border and warehousing costs and other aspects
  • We work out the roll-out plan together with your team and support during the implementation phase. More...


  • We share our experiences out of numerous projects with your team
  • We offer taylor-made trainings, for your team, at your site. More...


  • Logistics 4.0 - the future of logistics operations. More...
  • Big Data Monitor - unleash the power of your data bases. More...
  • Lean WMS - the lean solution for your intra-logistics management. More...
  • MMOG/LE - analyze and improve your logistics. More...