LOGICON.  Engineering Logistics.

PFEF - don’t forget your Keys.

PFEF - Plan For Every Function

  • A logistics system is composed of multiple functions, such as transports, receiving and shipping, IQC, warehouses, buffers, picking, packing, consolidation, handling of non-conformance materials, waste handling, handling of empty containers and others
  • We have created the method of the Material Flow Map which represents a summary of all logistics functions in the plant or the inbound Supply Chain which require planning
  • It uses a set of pre-defined symbols to indicate against the background of the plant layout or the inbound Supply Chain model what is going on from a logistics point of view
  • It makes sure that everything which requires planning receives planning
  • Every logistics item in the Material Flow Map is referenced and complemented by the relevant planning- and design parameters
  • This way a comprehensive set of engineering results is created, nothing is left behind