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Big Data Monitor - Unleash the Power of your Data Bases.

Big Data Monitor - an amazing Analysis Tool for large data stocks

The Big Data Monitor is a powerful Software for the visualization and analysis of large, frequently changing data stocks of any kind. It allows the graphical visualization of the contents of any data base regarding several criteria on your computer screen – with all detail information! Here is what you can do:

  • Identify problems on „first sight“ and how they connect to others
  • Identify and isolate „hidden“ problems
  • Identify unexpected correlations
  • Identify trends and tendencies, both long and short term
  • Identify improvement potentials and how to exploit them
  • Support „real time“ decision making in an overall context

The Big Data Monitor is versatile; it can work with data of any type and about any topic (Strategic Management, Logistics, R&D, Production, Quality Management, Finance and Controlling, Marketing, Human Resources and more).

A key application in Logistics is the analysis of stock values and stock turnover rates by SKU.

Other examples concern the analysis of delivery performance of suppliers, analysis of demand forecasting, purchasing performance and many more.

The Big Data Monitor can be purchased and implemented in your company or you can contract analyses of your data bases regarding specific topics as a service.

Services using the Big Data Monitor are offered in cooperation with Hammacher Datentechnik GmbH, Germany.


Picture source: Hammacher Datentechnik GmbH