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LeanWMS. The lean Solution for your Intra-Logistics Management.


LeanWMS is a new generation of intelligent warehouse management system. By using RF real time data transfer and data terminal technology, barcode and RFID automatic identification technology and computing algorithm technologies, it provides an optimal warehouse management concept and standard processes which represent best practice of warehouse management, also in complex process environments. Some features:

  • RF data transfer support
    • Goods identification and receipt
    • Put-away
    • Picking and kitting
    • In-house transport and replenishment
    • Inventory maintenance
    • Goods count and issue
  • Real-time inventory information
  • Product life cycle and batch control
  • Fine-grained material control
  • Warehouse zone control
  • Picking and kitting process management
  • Quality management support
  • Comprehensive process logging

Standard functions:

LeanWMS 1

Picture source: LeanWMS, Eric Li

  • Advanced Shipping Note (ASN)
  • Operation Request
  • Goods Receipt
  • Put Away
  • Order Picking
  • Goods Issue
  • Stock-taking (Cycle Counting)


  • Inventory Inquiry
  • In-house Transport and Replenishment
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Inventory Quality Control
  • Item Master
  • Storage/Retrieval Strategy
  • Warehouse Topology 


  • Unit Loading Management
  • Customer Profiles
  • Item Categories
  • Measurement Units
  • Statistics and Report
  • System Role and User Management
  • Billing 


Services around LeanWMS will be offered in cooperation with LeanFour System Technologies Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China