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MMOG/LE - Analysis and Improvement.

MMOG/LE - Material Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation

  • MMOG/LE is the result of a collaborative effort between work groups within Odette International Limited and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)
  • MMOG/LE was derived from the Odette Logistics Evaluation (OLE) and AIAG’s Materials Management Operations Guideline (MMOG)
  • It is an assessment tool which has been created to assist organizations in developing and implementing world class MP&L (Materials Planning and Logistics) processes, covering six aspect categories
  • MMOG/LE is in line with the ISO/TS 16949 for developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of MP&L processes in order to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements, focussing on
    • understanding and meeting requirements
    • considering processes in terms of added value
    • obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness
    • continuous improvement of processes based on objective measurement
    • visual management through the use of charts and graphs
  • MMOG/LE is in the first place an analysis tool, but opens the door to initial and continuous improvement by a consistent evaluation model - not only for the Automotive Industry and its suppliers!

How you can make use of the benefits of MMOG/LE ?

  • Analyze and evaluate your MP&L processes by using the MMOG/LE scoring model
  • Identify strong and weak points and derive improvement measures, formulated in a Road Map
  • Transfer initial improvement measures into a continuous improvement process for your MP&L
  • Make use of our expert knowledge and support in applying MMOG/LE and in deriving and implementing the Road Map