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Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization. Inbound and outbound.

Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization


We analyze and optimize your distribution network using the proven DISMOD® software of Fraunhofer IML (Institute for Material Flow and Logistics), Germany, in six steps:

  • Step 1: Data acquisition
    • Definition of data requirements
    • Data collection and validation
    • Data import
  • Step 2: Model set-up and calibration
    • Modelling of the current network situation
    • Set-up of cost model (transportation, warehousing,
    • Model calibration (matching with as-is KPI’s)
  • Step 3: Set-up of future distribution scenarios
    • Shipment structure and volumes projection for the planning horizon
    • Prognosis of development of cost parameters
  • Step 4: Development of optimization variants
    • Definition of a “Greenfield scenario” (“perfect world scenario”) as benchmark
    • Definition of “real world scenarios” considering number, position and function of future logistics sites, allocation of delivery points to distribution centers, stock levels, transport-, trans-border and warehousing costs and other aspects
  • Step 5: Optimization
    • Evaluation of the optimization scenarios defined in the previous step
    • Calculation of key KPI’s relating to transportation and warehousing costs, service levels, lead times and others
  • Step 6: Project finalization
    • Documentation of final solution
    • Work out of roll-out plan
  • Optional step 1: Inventory Management
    • Definition of optimal inventory levels by local distribution center based on customer demand behavior
    • Work out of a rule set for inventory levels by SKU and replenishment strategies
  • Optional step 2: Process standardization
    • Analysis of the current overall distribution process and the main individual processes
    • Determination of potentials for process standardization and optimization
    • Development of to-be descriptions of the overall distribution process and the main individual processes

Services using DISMOD® are offered in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Germany.




Picture source: Fraunhofer IML (Institute for Material Flow and Logistics), Dortmund, Germany

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